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Sacral Chakra: I feel

Energy Center: Passion and Pleasure Center

Location: Two inches below the belly button

Associated Body Parts: Testes, ovaries, womb, reproductive system, bladder, uterus, and lower back

Endocrine System: Reproductive glands

Element: Water

Summary: The Sacral Chakra is associated with our feelings, pleasure, emotions and deservedness. With this chakra, we are able to experience the world through our feelings and sensations. The Sacral Chakra is also associated with beliefs about money, health, worthiness and sexuality. In the sacral chakra, passion fuels creativity and pleasure fuels sexuality.

In Balance: To be in balance, one must affirm their right to feel good about their life, acknowledging that they are enough. One must also feel worthy of pleasure, abundance, joy, and happiness.

Out of Balance: If one’s Sacral Chakra is out of balance, one might experience Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, sterility, ovarian and cervical cancer, prostate problems, and sexual dysfunction. Being out of balance, one might feel unworthy of feeling good and experiencing pleasure. These limiting beliefs will show up as lack of joy, abundance, and good health.

SACRAL CHAKRA Releasing unhealthy addictions and appetites
1. Close your eyes, relax, sit comfortably and breathe deeply.
2. Place both your hands on your Sacral Chakra.
3. Breathing in and out, see or feel the colour of orange increasing the flow energy to this Chakra.
4. As the energy flows into this energy centre, see yourself surrounded in a bubble of orange energy.
5. See or feel an orange beam of light stemming out from your Sacral Chakra, reaching out into room around you like a pillar of orange light.
6. Think about any ambitions, aspirations, desires and emotions that may be holding you back.
7. One by one, see or feel yourself releasing these from your Sacral Chakra as they travel out of your Sacral Chakra and through the pillar of orange light.
8. When you feel you have finished releasing, visualise yourself surrounded in a bubble of orange light and gently open your eyes.


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